I want to know where you wish you travel...
But I also want to know you.

As you can see, I have traveled to some of the world's most unique, remote destinations. In fact, all photos on this website are my own. Experiencing the far corners of the world allows me to provide personalized, vetted recommendations for my clients for unforgettable trips of a lifetime. But in the end, your journey is ultimately not about me, but about you. What drives your passions and inspires your dreams? What are your priorities, your interests, your personal preferences and style? What are your goals and intentions when you choose to travel?

I promise you my full attention and integrity in crafting a journey that is yours alone. I believe the most satisfying travel experiences combine the care and expertise of the travel planner in collaboration with feedback from the client.  My wish is for every traveler to return home energized, enlivened, restored and eager to think about another adventure. It is through my passion, my personal travels, and my industry relationships that I am able to provide a customized adventure for you each and every time.

Are you ready to begin thinking about your next travel adventure?